Frangipani or Templetree or Pagoda Tree having the botanical name of Plumeria rubra, is a medium-sized fragrant multicoloured flowering tree with deep rose petals often shaded with deep yellow to orange centre. The tree is small with broad obovate leaves. The tree is identified with PSYCHOLOGICAL PERFECTION ON THE WAY TO FULFILLMENT.

With Frangipani as its logo, we like-minded people have plans to set aims and objectives of Frangipani Garden Group as under:
  • Membership is by invitation & by recommendation of one of the committee members.
  • Group of like-minded garden lovers to learn to share and enjoy nature and greenery.
  • Organize film, slide & DVD shows.
  • Lecture & demonstrations on the subject of gardening.
  • Garden craft workshops.
  • Plan healthy-cooking demonstrations & dine together with amity.
  • A reference library of books on Nature, Horticulture, Gardening & Greenery.
  • Fulfil social obligations towards education on environment protection, greenery, cleaner surroundings amongst children, senior citizens as also the rural population.
  • An excursion / garden visit once a year.

Committee Members
Jyoti N. Parekh
Nikunj S. Parekh
Founders Committee:
Neena Shah
Hansa S. Shah
Harinakshi N. Mistry
Meeta Mehra
Nainish C. Parekh
Nita N. Parekh
Sapna S. Mehta
Subhash Purohit