For the past three decades, Jyoti and Nikunj Parekh have been active in the fields of Bonsai, Landscape Gardening and Jyoti with her Cooking and Gift wrapping also. Visit this site to find out more about their wonder world!!

Basic Bonsai Course
Lesson 1: Theory
Lesson 2: Theory and demonstration on bonsai
Lesson 3: Practical on Bonsai making
Lesson 4: Practical on group planting
Lesson 5: Shaping, wiring and maintaining bonsai

Advance Bonsai Course
  • Rock grown bonsai
  • Wall mural in frames
  • Thickening of trunk of plants
  • Suihan (Water & Land) Penjing
  • Rock cementing
  • Inarching & grafting
  • Improving of Bonsai by various methods & aesthetics

General Gardening Course
Lesson 1: Botanical aspect of plants and our environment
Lesson 2: How to propagate plants with demonstration
Lesson 3: Importance of sunlight, water and air. Prevention of insects, diseases and pests
Lesson 4: Fertilizers- Organic and inorganic, soil. Vermicompost and compost making
Lesson 5: Bonsai, borders, hedges, topiary, terrarium
Lesson 6: Balcony and terrace gardening, basket making. kitchen gardening
Lesson 7: Varieties of plants, orchids, cacti, succulents. aquatic plants, seasonal & bulbous plants
Lesson 8: Garden landscaping, Indoor plants and indoor gardening
Lesson 9: Garden landscaping
Lesson 10: Practical on small garden making
Lesson 11: Rockery, Waterfalls and fountain making
Lesson 12: Visiting farm, garden and nursery

  • Practical demonstrations are given in most of the lessons.
  • Lectures by eminent experts in horticultural fields are organized whenever possible.
  • Students also do practical work whenever possible.
  • Advice given to students for their personal gardening problems.

  • Group workshops
  • One-on-one private workshop
  • Lectures & Demonstrations
  • Newer techniques
  • Rock planting demonstrations
  • Terrarium making
  • Complementary Planting
  • Artificial mini Japanese landscape making
  • Gift wrapping by Jyoti
  • Vegetable & fruit carving by Jyoti
  • Artificial Bonsai making